What is Outer-core?

Welcome to Outer Core!

Outer Core is a new space style RTS browser based game. You can start playing in less than 60 seconds! No downloads required!

Play against hundreds of other players to be the best, no matter what your playing style!

Outer Core has something for every type of player! Love fighting? Build massive fleets and crush your enemy! Love building? Build a massive empire and become an economic king! Love researching? Research your way ahead of all the rest, so they tremble at your technological advances!

Outer Core truly does have something for everybody!

Got a couple of mates playing with you? Start an alliance and see if together you can reach the number one spot! Prefer to play solo? Not want to be tied town by Non Aggression Pacts or Pacts? Play on your own and plunder to your heart’s content! Prefer to leave everybody else to it? Play against NPC’s and build your empire up!

With 13 different defenses, 35 different ships, 27 different structures and 19 different technologies you will never run out of things to build!

Along with all this the admins are constantly adding new updates and releases to keep the game changing and thriving! Got a great idea? Post it on the forums and next week you could see it in-game! We value the input of our players above all, so you can change the game!

Play now !!

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